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5 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and while we prepare to celebrate with our family and friends, we can't forget our furry ones at the party. Whether you're gathering around the Christmas tree or lighting the Hanukkah candles, here are five tips to ensure your pets stay safe and happy during the holidays:

1. Ensure they have their own space - The holidays bring around an influx of family and friends, holiday decorations, and new smells and noises. Make sure you have a spot for your pet, such as a secluded bedroom or even the garage (if it is a safe and warm environment), to escape the noise and visitors if they're feeling stressed or overexcited.

2. Keep decorations out of reach - Holiday decorations bring a wide variety of dangerous situations for your pet. Glass bulbs, exposed wires and chords, a precariously standing Christmas tree, or small table decorations can all be tempting dangers for your fur baby. Keep an eye on your pets when they're loose around the Christmas decorations and put any potential hazards far from their reach!

3. Avoid feeding table scraps - It may be tempting to share a holiday cookie or some ham fat trimmings with your pup or kitty but these sweet treats can cause digestive issues or worse. It's best to keep your pet on their normal diet and if you want to bring your pet in on the holiday cheer, find some dog or kitty-friendly treats from a pet store or a local pet bakery.

4. Cover the tree stand - We all know that cats love to climb Christmas trees, but the hazard doesn't stop there. The water in your Christmas tree stand can be tempting for your kitty to sip out of. However, if left stagnant, it can harbor bacteria or other dangerous particles (think glitter or tinsel that has fallen from the tree). Make sure you cover the tree stand so your kitty isn't tempted to drink out of it!

5. Quickly dispose of wrapping paper - Wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows can all be enticing for your dog or cat to play with. However, if ingested, these can pose serious choking hazards and stomach issues. Make sure after you're done wrapping presents, you clean these items up and store them in a safe area away from your pet.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your furry friends!

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